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Magic Cordoba, where to start? For those of you reading this, you are going to have to bear with me while I wax nostalgic.

Magic Cordoba are a three piece surf rock group hailing from glorious Burien, Washington. The trio consists of Breck Ivy on guitar/vocals, his older brother Ty Ivy on drums and Chris Scott holding down the bass. If I had to guess, I’d say that they formed around 1993 or 1994. (Breck, Chris and I all graduated from Highline High School in 1995).

I remember watching them countless times in their practice space which was very close to our high school. Their space was located behind a very influential spot to us music hungry teens, Soundwaves Records. The lone record store in our suburb that turned us on to countless favorites, still to this day.

One thing worth mentioning is how the musical landscape was back then. This was a time pre-internet, pre-cell phone and pre downloading. (ahh, the good ol daze!) Everything was more word of mouth back then and you would rely on your knowledge, record labels, different players/musicians and dates to form your musical purchases. Back in 1994 Quentin Tarantino’s film Pulp Fiction was released. The soundtrack to Pulp Fiction brought a huge resurgence to the surf genre at large. The king of the surf guitar Dick Dale was enjoying a second wind. Meanwhile, I was happily digging up any and all Ventures albums at the local thrift stores.

Also, worth mentioning at this time frame, none of us aside from Ty, were 21 yet. Luckily there was an amazing all ages venue in Pioneer Square called the Velvet Elvis that would host $5 matinee shows Sunday afternoons. It was there that were able to see Satan’s Pilgrims, The Boss Martians, The Drags and other surf and garage rock groups on Bellingham’s Estrus Records.

Magic Cordoba would cover The Ventures “Walk, Don’t Run” and play it at nearly every show, Ty Ivy pummeling his drum kit with gusto. Sprinkled in their sets amongst a few originals, they would also cover current (at the time) songs by Man or Astroman? and Satan’s Pilgrims.

I went to as many Magic Cordoba shows as I could, here are some standouts: the countless times at Patty Summers in the Pike Place Market, the Burien library show, the Highline High School talent show, the Tyee show, Thomas’ basement parties and a few years back at the Shipwreck lounge in West Seattle. And last but not least, Natestock which was an epic night on the last day of high school, senior year. A most “dazed and confused”-esque show.

I recommend looking up Magic Cordoba’s “Ty’s Confrontation” on youtube from 2002, I almost forgot that Dustin Trovesi was in the group for a stint.

Anyways, to wrap it up, it’s hard to believe Magic Cordoba have been at it for 20+ years now. It’s nice to hear the progression as Breck has gone into singer songwriter mode, showcasing his falsetto vocals. Thanks for all the music, memories and good times, friends.

-Jeremy Hughes