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Welcome to bugisacat.com and our first little project, “Ween Songs, By Us Not Them!” In August of last year I went to a show at the Rendezvous featuring Sweet Jesus, Breck Ivy, Matt Clark, and Graham Macrae. It was a really amazing evening. It was one of those nights where everybody was there and the room was filled with energy. As the show went on I sat there thinking how much fun it was to be there with everyone and how good it feels to be part of a creative community. Putting together a Ween compilation had been something I wanted to do ever since I heard the news that they had broken up and that night at the Rendezvous I decided there was no time like the present.

I wish I was better at talking about and describing music. I wish I could put into words why this weird little band had such a huge effect on the way I have always written music, but I can’t. I had been aware of Ween from their “Push the little Daisies” video on MTV, but I didn’t really catch on until one day after school in 1994 I walked in to Soundwaves Music in Burien where they were listening to “Buenas Tardes Amigo” from the newly released Chocolate & Cheese album.I was transfixed. I bought the album that day and soon worked my way backwards through Ween’s catalog reveling in their strangeness and humor. Most of my friends had started listening to Ween as well and their music became a very present part of the soundtrack to the antics of our teens and early twenties.cool-Ween-Poster

Thank you so much to everybody for your submissions! The Pitzens, Breck, Bobby, Shane, Hellseth Bent, I love you guys. Special thanks to my co-worker Mr. David Fagerholm for coming out of nowhere with a slammin’ version of Roses are Free. I also wanted to mention that I had the pleasure of recording Evan Carlisle’s version of “Buenas Tardes Amigo” and I was blown away by his vocal performance. His voice is so cool.


Photo Gallery for the Ween Compilation Show